Doctorate promotion (MD Pro 1)

MD Pro 1 is directed to outstanding medical students who want to write a clinical-experimental dissertation. The programme has two steps and was created in order to intensively attend to students doing a doctorate and at the same time, allow for independent work.

Photo: cc flickr michiexile

During MD Pro1 a clinical-experimental dissertation in medicine will be written in the course of about eight months. One semester and the following semester break will be necessary. Once a year eight MD Pro 1 spots will be advertised. Students will be employed as a student assistant (19 hours/week) during those months. The supervision of the dissertation will be done by IFB scientists and the student career board of the IFB. The students will be admitted into the IFB mentoring programme and they will be assigned a personal mentor.

The application procedure of MD Pro 1 has two stages. In the first stage the students will be selected by the student career board six months prior to the start of the programme. Main criteria for the selection are:

  • Final school exam grades and grade of the preliminary medical examination,
  • successful participation in MS Pro or other qualified scientific experience through external internships respectively,
  • Interview
  • IFB related research interest
  • personal aptitude of the candidate.

The best candidates will go through the so-called laboratory carousel. It means that they have the possibility to introduce themselves for one week in every IFB laboratory that wants to supervise doctoral candidates within the programme. The aim of the laboratory carousel is to give the doctoral candidate the chance to acquaint themselves with potential study groups. To get an impression of the support qualities talks with former doctoral candidates and study groups should also be provided. After finishing the laboratory carousel every student will create a top 3 list of the groups  they think fit them best.

Interested persons can apply for the corresponding advertisement. Further information can be requested from the IFB administration under: karriere [at] ifb-adipositas [dot] de