Junior research groups

The Junior Research Groups (MetaHabil) enable outstanding graduated scientists for the next qualification step, a postdoctoral lecture qualification, on their way to becoming profiled individual research personalities.

Photo: IFB Adiposity

It is part of the program to lead an individual research group for the period of five years (Junior Research Group). The position is funded by the IFB, research projects and research groups can be demanded separately from the IFB or other third-party donors. Apart from leading a study group physicians should be enabled to still pursue their special medical training during the research period. For that an attending physician of the IFB will be assigned to them as a mentor. Stays abroad of varying length are possible and encouraged. The scientists of the MetaHabil program are directly subject to the the IFB board of directors and work indepentdantly.

Established MetaHabil Groups (Junior Research Groups)

Interested persons can apply in written form to the IFB administration for the publicly advertised positions. Further information can be requested under: karriere [at] ifb-adipositas [dot] de